Wedding veils for the unconventional bride

You’ve found the perfect partner and chosen the outfit that shows everyone that you want to be different on your wedding day.

Now give your outfit that extra touch that takes it to the next level with a hand-painted veil!

Your wedding doesn’t have to be all about white or ivory. For some it is the perfect choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more unconventional then a coloured veil or cape will make everyone sit up and take notice.

A hand painted veil or cape is the ideal way to add colour to your dress. A cascading rose veil adds colour and intrigue to a simple dress.

A hand painted coloured tulle cape or veil gives a “WOW you look out of this world” element to your wedding. And if your dress is red or black, a black veil with red roses will certainly add some drama to your walk down the aisle.

I NEVER say that a bride’s idea is too outrageous. I love making your ideas come to life, the bigger and bolder the better. A veil with showers of colour and gold to make a Festival Theme outfit brighter? Let’s do it.

And if you want something other than a veil, I also paint capes for that extra bespoke touch. A cape made to look like the sea? Oh yes!

Do you have an idea you want to be brought to life? Why not book a chat so we can discuss how to make your vision a reality!

One of a kind veils for one of a kind brides

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