Elegantly Traditional WEDDING VEILS

Photo credit: Lee Scullion

Hand-painted wedding veils for the traditional bride

You have searched and dreamed about how you will look on your wedding day since the moment you started planning your dream wedding.

Whether you want to look like a princess or a classically elegant bride, a hand painted veil is the finishing touch.

You deserve a wedding look that is unique to you. Whether your dress is designed just for you or if it’s from a fabulous boutique, a Star & Leaf veil or cape can be the accessory that makes your walk down the aisle a real WOW moment as the love of your life watches your every step.

Your wedding veil might be long or short, understated or dramatic, but a painted veil is always spectacular, so you can feel as unique as you are!

Your veil can feature flowers from your bouquet, carefully hand painted in the perfect colour to match your wedding colours, or bouquet.

You can add a personalised touch that only you and those close to you will know about like this date hidden in the leaves of this cathedral length leaf covered veil.

You could choose something to reflect something or someone special in your lives. This elbow length veil reflects the nations of Wales & Scotland, the brides Grandmothers.

Your unique hand painted veil is a call away.

One of a kind veils for one of a kind brides

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