To Barbie or Not To Barbie?

2023, the year of Barbie. Since 1959, everyone’s favourite gal pal has been delighting little girls and boys, dominating the toy shop shelves and painting the world hot pink. Her slow metamorphosis from the stereotypically attractive, perky, white blonde to the...

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Stunning Alternative Uses for your Bespoke Veil

So, you got married in one of our custom veils and you’re wondering what to do with it next. Or maybe you’re in the planning process and questioning if a bespoke veil is really worth it because you know it’ll end up in a box in the loft. Well, congratulations on...

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Will you be saying ‘I will’ this Valentine’s Day?

So, the 14th February has arrived and at this time of year, this special day is filled with love letters & pretty cards, delicious chocolates, beautiful blooms, candlelit suppers and precious time spent with our loved ones. Valentine’s Day actually derives from...

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Colourful bride

Warm up to a Winter Wedding

We just love a winter wedding, the deeper darker colours and the fresh winter air. If you like the idea of getting wed in the winter months, a Winter Wonderland may be just the ticket and a great excuse for lots of sparkle. There are many advantages of marrying in...

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Till Death Do Us Part

Gothic and alternative weddings are currently a rising trend among young engaged couples and if you’re looking to get wed in the Autumn or Winter months, the inky blacks, rich purples, scarlet reds and burnt oranges can look tantalisingly dramatic against a backdrop of old brickwork or an old folly, barn or castle setting. 

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Why you should wear a veil to your wedding

Your wedding day should be the very best day of your life, and we know how much effort you’ll put in to make sure that it’s exactly right. From the venue to the invitations, the announcement to the centrepieces, every decision will be deliberated at length. What a...

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