Why you should wear a veil to your wedding

Your wedding day should be the very best day of your life, and we know how much effort you’ll put in to make sure that it’s exactly right. From the venue to the invitations, the announcement to the centrepieces, every decision will be deliberated at length.

What a bride decides to wear to her wedding is usually the most talked about element of the day, and, while the dress is often considered “the star of the show,” we at Star and Leaf actually think that the veil is the cherry on the cake.

Wedding Veil Symbolism

Wedding veils are usually worn these days simply because they look elegant and beautiful [link to traditional], or exciting and eye-catching [link to unconventional], but in the past veils had a more symbolic meaning.

Thought to protect the bride from evil spirits, veils were meant to portray the purity of the bride. They were also designed to hide the bride’s face from the groom right up until the moment before marriage.

Why you should wear a veil on your wedding day

1. Veils enhance your outfit (and your figure)

A veil will add the finishing touch to your wedding outfit, by enhancing the overall silhouette of the bridal outfit. A longer veil can balance out a full wedding dress and a shorter veil can draw attention to a tiny waist. Consider different lengths and styles of veil to flatter your dress.

2. Veils help you feel like a bride

Wearing a veil is often the moment when a bride first feels like a bride. After all, there are lots of occasions when we might wear a beautiful dress, but veils are reserved for weddings only. Even the most die-hard “I won’t ever wear a veil” of brides often change their mind the minute they try one on!

3. Veils are flattering to the face and skin

Whether you have a round or a slimmer face, a veil softens everything and adds that magical bridal beauty to your look. A rounder face can be elongated by the soft folds of a veil and a slimmer face can benefit from the fullness of a veil.

4. Veils look great in photos

A stunning veil will level up your wedding photo game, by providing a captivating centrepiece that you can remove after the photos are taken, or keep on all day! You can also repurpose your veil after the wedding to create a piece of art, a bed canopy, or a different piece of clothing altogether! [link to veil gallery]

5. Veils can become a family heirloom

Many of our brides ask us to personalise a family veil, and I have worked on veils which have been worn in weddings of different generations of the same family. And it is every mum’s dream to see her own daughter walk down the aisle wearing the same veil that she wore on her special day.

To wear a veil, or not, is a personal choice and we at Star and Leaf believe that all brides are beautiful. But as the UK’s only wedding veil artist, I think a veil is the bride’s opportunity to add a truly bespoke touch to her wedding outfit. Not that I’m biased, of course.

So, I’ll leave it up to the famous Joan Rivers to sum it up:

“You can’t wear a veil to next year’s big party. This is your only chance. Wear the damn veil!”

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