Stunning Alternative Uses for your Bespoke Veil

So, you got married in one of our custom veils and you’re wondering what to do with it next. Or maybe you’re in the planning process and questioning if a bespoke veil is really worth it because you know it’ll end up in a box in the loft. Well, congratulations on your nuptials, and never fear! I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Anyone who knows me will already be aware that I am as passionate about sustainability and repurposing as I am about creating beautifully bespoke veils. Unfortunately, in the ever-growing wedding industry, sustainability is often overlooked. I absolutely love to see my wonderful clients finding alternative uses for their hand painted veil and enjoying it for many years to come. Your unique veil is created with an enormous amount of love, so it only seems fitting that it sees more use than just turning heads as you walk down the aisle!


Beautiful backdrop

You don’t even need to wait until the wedding day is over to start reusing your veil! When hung on a simple frame (try a copper frame for a rustic touch), your veil will make the perfect multipurpose backdrop for your wedding cake, photos or anything else that needs just a little touch of Star & Leaf magic.

Timeless tablecloth

Your veil is the perfect size to double up as a delicate tablecloth, whether it be for your wedding breakfast, an elegant afternoon tea or an at-home date night to celebrate your anniversary. Top it with some romantic candles (in holders, please! No wax on the veil!) or a floral arrangement matching your veil’s theme to create a gorgeous tablescape for any occasion.


Captivating curtain

I absolutely adore the look of a repurposed veil blowing softly in the breeze or catching the light from a window. I just think that such exquisite fabric looks so pretty with plenty of natural light behind it, illuminating your chosen design. So much so, that I’ll even turn your hand painted veil into a curtain for free!

Blissful bed canopy

Many of my clients choose to hang their veil over the head of their bed where they get to look at it every day, creating a dreamy canopy and bringing back all the precious memories of their special day. Bonus points if you match your bedding to your veil!


Carefree crib canopy

If you’re impatiently awaiting the pitter patter of tiny feet, why not spend some time fashioning your veil into a custom crib canopy? Not only will the intricate designs be visually stimulating for your little one, but your nursery will be one of a kind and a reminder of the love between you and your partner. As if you needed any more of a reminder than that little bundle of joy!

wedding veil cot canopy

Classy christening robe

Maybe a crib canopy isn’t your bag. Instead, consider carefully trimming your veil down to make a sentimental addition to a christening robe. The lovingly hand painted fabric will make a stunning overlay against a plain fabric, and just imagine looking back on the photos when they’re all grown up.


However you choose to reuse your veil, I would be thrilled to see your pictures. Nothing gives me greater pride than crafting the perfect veil that makes you truly feel like you, and seeing it cherished in the years that follow. Star and Leaf is all about showing who you really are, on your wedding day and beyond, so get creative and let your hand painted flag (or veil) fly!


With love,